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Northern California's #1 Fundraiser

The best source for your team/group/school fundraisers of the latest, most profitable products to suit a broad range of budgets and tastes. We provide schools and organizations with a wide variety of high-quality fundraising products, which have been successful for high school fundraisers, sports teams, bands, cheergroups, PTAs, and community groups.

Our Program

Simply put, we are experts at what we do.

With representatives who are former high school coaches, college coaches, and players, we have the credentials and the knowledge of what it takes to raise money for a cause. We have worked with THOUSANDS of teams & groups throughout Northern California. In tandem with teams/groups, coaches and athletes, we create a fun and rewarding process to help fulfill their financial goals.


Discount Cards

Personalized Discount Cards offers tremendous unlimited local discounts from your favorite merchants for an entire year!

Dining Tickets

Perforated discount coupons to be redeemed with your favorite local merchants, customized with your team's schedule, logo and colors.

VIP Card

Discount coupon cards that are dedicated to 1-2 merchants. Typically this amount per card the offers / coupons are more aggressive and generous.

Cookie Dough

Ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough in a variety of great flavors. Our dough is provided by a gourmet bakery and is the best tasting cookie dough out there!

Gourmet Popcorn

A selection of delicious gourmet popcorn flavors that will please everyone.

Flip-Flops & Slides

Customized Extreme Flip-Flops and slides with your school's colors and logo.

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